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Fall 2020 Instructor Spotlight!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Cameron Visagie is the newest instructor within the Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Spiritual Development department at Amanah Bible Institute. Cameron, affectionately called "Cam" was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. He and his wife Gillian, along with their daughter Eden, currently reside in Parklands, a beautiful suburban district securely nestled in Cape Town, South Africa. He is an avid golfer who also enjoys reading, indoor cycling, and theater productions. While recalling his conversion, Cam shared that he does not have a radical salvation story, but he decided to follow Christ when he was just thirteen years old. Like many of us, Cam emphasizes that the road has not always been smooth. There have been many high and low moments, and one of those low moments he recalls was when he was involved in a motorcycle accident that changed his life - forever. Before his accident, family and friends had advised him to slow down, but he was bent on keeping his own pace and dancing to the beat of his drum. During this challenging time, when he could no longer pursue his passion for motorcycling, God realigned him with purpose. He was able to reconnect with an old professor who introduced him to Korderro Brown (another ABI instructor). Korderro, in turn, introduces Cam to Latoya Leary - Founder & President of ABI, and the rest, as they say, is history. Cameron believes that had the accident never happened; he would not be a part of ABI today. Before joining Amanah, Cameron taught Oracle Development, Database Systems, and Project Management at the Peninsula University of Technology, which is his alma mater. During his tenure at Peninsula, Cam also provided mentoring and training for students entering the job market. During this fall semester, he will be teaching Church Administration and Social Entrepreneurship at ABI. Concerning what attracted him to Amanah, he says that the school spearheaded by persons of color, its accessibility to the global masses, and affordability were top of mind.

At ABI, we are incredibly excited to have Cameron on board as a part of the instructional staff. We wish him success and look forward to a very bright future as we continue to grow together. Join us in welcoming him the to ABI team.

Written by Professor Onica Stewart

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