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Journey Through The Torah Webinar Series

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ABI offers at least two FREE informative webinars per month. In Fall 2022, Amanah will offer a course in the form of a ten-session webinar series entitled "Journey through the Torah." This webinar series will focus on the key themes of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Interested students should feel free to follow the Bible Study guide below and RSVP for this series below! There is no pressure to complete the entire Bible plan. The plan is devised to expose students to the central messages/activity of each prophet in order to foster an effective discussion space. 

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Bible Plan

Introduction to Bible

Aug 6, 2022

Prepare questions and thoughts concerning the significance of the Bible.

Patriarchal History I

Aug 21-Sep 10, 2022

Genesis 12-25 

Moses & the Exodus

Sep 25-Oct 8, 2022 

Exodus 1-15

Law and Ritual in Leviticus

Oct 23-Nov 5, 2022 

Leviticus 1,11,16,18,20,25

Covenant Renewal in Deuteronomy 

Nov 20-Dec 3, 2022

Deuteronomy 1-7

Deuteronomy 12

Deuteronomy 18-26

Primeval History

August 6-20, 2022

Genesis 1-11


Patriarchal History II

Sep 11-Sep 24, 2022

Genesis 25-50

Revelation at Sinai

Oct 9-22, 2022

Exodus 16-24

Cycles in Numbers

Nov 6- 19, 2022

Numbers 11-14

Numbers 18-26

The Bible through the Lens of Torah

December 17, 2022

Prepare questions and thoughts concerning the significance of the Torah.

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