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I have thoroughly enjoyed Amanah. I've learned so much and have had the opportunity to engage with people around the globe. It's pretty cool to be surrounded with like minds yet still receive revelatory information. Dialogue is always flowing and the instructor is so insightful. I'm excited for the next course!

Cordtney S.


I have been with Amanah since its beginning. I have learned so many things in this class (during this Old Testament study) – things that I never would have considered; things that I never would have put together if not for the amazing professor that we have for this class. I have learned about different prophets, creation stories, and about different perspectives and interpretations of biblical texts. I have learned from the church many things,  but this class took my knowledge of God and the Scriptures of the Old Testament  to a new level. Truly, you should enroll if you are looking for a class where you will learn, where the teacher is hands on, where the professor is amazingly thorough with her breakdown of the Scriptures to make sure that everybody can truly understand and comprehend. My time here has caused me to truly look at the Bible in a new perspective. It has caused me to see God in new ways.  I have learned so many things about what God has required of humans since the beginning. I would probably fill the entire website if I completely shared what I have learned, so just know that if you join this school your faith will be shaken and tested in a way that is beneficial to you.

Jabaree M.


Amanah Bible Institute (ABI) has been such a blessing to me. I've come from a family that taught the Bible so I always had a love of this great book but I didn't feel comfortable enough to ask my family questions. When I came across scriptures I didn't understand, I would suffer in silence. When I found out about ABI I was kind of skeptical because of my past experiences with people that have this image of authority and closed - mindedness about scripture that belittles my own personal interpretation of scripture. I suppressed my feelings and finally attended one session and that session was so liberating and so fun that I decided to continue the course. I realized from that first session that I always had a desire for dialogue and ABI was the tool that God used to bring me to where I am now. I feel more connected to God and to people. I'm so grateful for this platform. Thank you ABI!!!

Tiffany F.


I have been connected to Amanah Bible Institute for several years. I’ve learned so much about myself and God. The class has definitely challenged old mindsets and cleared up wrong teachings. LaToya (instructor) is patient and has been given the wisdom of the Word that I truly can’t describe but one would just have to experienced it for themselves. There has not been one question from the Bible she hasn’t been able to answer. I’m excited to begin instruction on the Hebrew language next.

Felicia S.

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