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President/Chief Executive Officer

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There is a common misconception that acceptance of Jesus as Lord is the act that brings us OUT. Amanah Bible Institute begs to differ. The ministry of Jesus heavily motivates humanity to look WITHIN: to acknowledge our limitations and to find assistance, solace, and strength in community. Humans are communal beings who are in need of effective fellowship for growth and maturation. This notion is at the foundation of what comprises Amanah Bible Institute.

Amanah Bible Institute is a Non-profit organization that was founded for the fulfillment of one mission: To empower believers to study the Bible effectively while encouraging interdependence and creating space for dialogue.

Quality biblical education is not as accessible as it should be. Amanah seeks to offer the best of courses at an affordable rate regardless of age (individuals as young as 15 are able to take a class), Christian tradition, leadership status, or educational level. Amanah was founded for the people. We are interested in teaching courses that are in high demand. We will not shy a way from teaching biblical languages, world religions, courses on Apocrypha, dead sea scrolls, etc.

Our goals are large. With God’s help, we will become an accredited school for biblical education and offer online education for career learners, primary and secondary learners and individuals who seek undergraduate and graduate degrees. Amanah Bible Institute will do it all with Christ at the center.

As you reflect upon whether ABI is for you, we ask that you remain prayerful and that you remember that GROWTH IS NOT EFFECTIVE IN SOLITUDE. GROWTH OCCURS IN COMMUNITY.





PhD Religions of Western Antiquity (2022), MA Theological Studies (Old Testament), BS Chemistry, BS Mathematics, AA General Studies

Instructor of Biblical Languages, Old Testament and New Testament, Worship and the Arts 

Biblical Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic
Old/New Testament Studies
Gender Studies

Early Judaism

Early Christianity

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