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Fall 2020 Student Spotlight!

We want to take the time to congratulate Ms. Felicia Scott on becoming our August 2020 Student of the Month. Ms. Felicia, who was born and raised in Connecticut, loves spending time with her spouse and their three children, ages 15, 14, and 8. For the Scott family, spending time with each other is the most important thing. They consider themselves "foodies," and their love for trying different restaurants is a hobby the entire family enjoys. When asked what their favorite restaurant was, Felicia shared that the list is too long, and since the family has been on a journey towards eating only plant-based foods, their palettes have changed. On their list of recent indulgences, however, is the Black Rock Grille.

Apart from her family's love for food, Ms. Felicia shared that she has a passion for learning. More importantly, she had a longing to become closer to God, and it is out of this longing that her relationship with ABI was born. Several years ago, she met ABI's President and Founder, Ms. Latoya Leary, with whom she developed a bond. Their history is the catalyst for her trusting Amanah with her biblical education. Furthermore, Felicia says that the atmosphere in each classroom allows her to feel safe to share her perspectives without concern for being judged. To her, it is the commitment that Latoya and her staff have about supplying quality education, and their passion for learning, which allows her to feel comfortable. Additionally, Felicia connects her ability to grasp theological concepts with the knowledge and competence of ABI's instructors. Being in the classroom at ABI has challenged and helped clarify her understanding of the Bible and the church. She is more confident than ever about being able to study the Bible on her own. To date, she has taken several courses with ABI and some more than once, yet each time she learns something brand new. Altogether classes at ABI have helped to reorient her spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. So far, the most exciting courses she has taken are the language courses (Hebrew & Greek). While she is still undecided on which course to take during the upcoming fall semester, Felicia was truly clear that she was going to enroll in at least one course. After attending many webinars hosted by ABI instructors, Felicia says she is looking forward to being in the classroom with some of the newest instructors.

Her general advice to prospective students is to be open-minded about the learning process, be ready to wrestle with contemporary ideas and perspectives and make the course a priority. We are so grateful and blessed to have Ms. Felicia as a part of the Amanah family, and we look forward to continuing the journey of learning and discovery with her.

Written by Professor Onica Stewart

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