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The EasyNY Plug-In is designed for all major VST hosts. More than 20 real-time features and 10 fully modifiable parameters The interface provides 10 parameter groups for the compressor and 10 band-pass filters. The effect has a wide range of possibilities, with three different threshold settings and four adjustment points for the resonance. New features: Threshold control: The threshold for the compressing has 4 different settings. 0.25.0% 0.25.0% 0.5.0% 0.75.0% The new main control panel has all the parameters that you can tune in realtime. You can adjust the threshold, the lowpass filter cut-off and highpass filter cutoff, plus the resonance. Parameter Groups: Threshold Control Band-Pass Filter Resonance Cut-Off Now you can check that the functions of the plugin are working in a visual way. There are 10 main parameter groups, but you can use the parameter groups panel to see all parameters in detail. 6/8 Band-Pass filters. 3 Resonance controls. 3 Threshold controls. You can see the parameters of the main parameter group and the detail panel of the parameter group that you selected. The detail panel is a good way to monitor the function of the compressor. You can use the parameter panel for the compressor or the main panel for the band-pass filters. In the main panel of the band-pass filter you can adjust the filter frequency. The value of each band goes from 0 to 250. In the detail panel, you can see the cut-off and the high pass cut-off values. You can use the resonance main panel to make adjustments to the resonance. You can see a preview of the settings of the main panel and a preview of the settings of the detail panel. All of the parameters are assigned to the main panel of the plug-in. Double click on the main parameter panel to open the detail panel, or click on the panel and double click. How to adjust the parameters? In the main panel there are 6 compressors and 4 filters. You can adjust any of them by clicking it and moving it up or down. Also, you can change the values of the main panel by clicking on a5204a7ec7

The New York effect creates a band-limited, heavily stereo-compressed version of the input audio, typically using a high-pass and low-pass filters. The filters can be set in two different algorithms: The short-time algorithm is a non-causal algorithm with a rate and ratio shaping. That means, the signal is first low-pass and then high-pass filtered. If you want, you can set a low cut-off frequency and also a high-cutoff frequency. Then, you can set a ratio and a ratio shaping algorithm for the following filtering. The extended long-time algorithm is a causal algorithm. That means, the signal is filtered first high-pass and then low-pass. If you set a high-cutoff frequency, you will also be able to set a ratio. If you want, you can switch between ratios, linear, cubic, quintic and sine. The stutter glitch effect emulates the stuttering effect of the LFO. The open window effect opens a window of the signal at the user-defined position of the high/low filter. The compression is switched on/off with the knob. The default setting is on. You can control the ratio shaping with the gain on/off knobs. The frequency of the incoming signal can be changed by the envelope generator. The compression algorithm can be controlled with the rate/ratio shaping on/off knobs. The attack, decay, sustain and release time of the envelope can be controlled with the knobs. You can decide whether the user-defined envelope should be linear, cubic or quintic. How to install Compatibility Related to this plugin: Comments and Requirements for owners of EasyNY Hi (Without Windows) by Stefano Fancelli I have tested the plugin for a long time and works fine. I also have the new version of soundforge plugin Soundforge 16. So I have these problems: 1. When I start soundforge i have to click on "Load Plugin" on the new version. The old version do not need load the plugin. 2. There is a "jk" sytle in the plugin, there is no way to edit it and get a "clean" sound. I just export all the soundfilters when I create the plugin file. So I am a little disapointed with your plugin. The most important thing is the sound.